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5 Amazing things to do in Goa in Monsoons

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1. Rains make the beaches prettier, and they are almost deserted!

What can be better than to have your favorite beach all to yourself? Nothing at all, I know. It is a blessing. The shacks on most beaches disappear during the rains, and the sight of the vast expanse of the beach is something that you’ll never witness in the season. Dance on the beach in the rains, write your names in the sand and have a great time without the crowds that are typical of the ‘On Season’ time.

2. Driving around the Goan landscape amidst rains is the best!

Just drive on the inner Goan roads, and soak in the beauty. The Portuguese style houses look pristine in the rains, the churches are beautiful, the forts look mesmerizing and the waterfalls that flesh up in the rains are a sight to behold. I loved the drive from The Leela to The Lalit in continuous rains because it was nothing short of magic.

3. Monsoon being the so called off-season, travel and stay are cheaper!

Because it is the tourist off seasons, you can snag really good deals on Travel to Goa, and also accommodation. Event the bet of the hotels offer an off season discount which is as high up as 45%. So even on a budget, you can do a Goa Monsoon trip like a boss. The picture below is from my stay at The Leela Goa and I am officially in love with the property.

4. The Natural Beauty is in its full form during Monsoons

The greenery in Goa during the rainy season is incomparable. Go check out one of the wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa that are open to visitors throughout the year and are something that not many people go for. I get it, we obsess over the beaches and the beer, but there is much more to Goa than that. So I recommend you try and squeeze in a visit to one of the many wildlife sanctuaries in Goa: the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary. Trust me, you’ll not regret it.

5. Food!

Goan food is one of my all time favorite cuisines, and I can plan a quick trip to Goa only for the food if it was an option. Honest! The hot curries and freshly baked local bread when it’s pouring outside, is a total bliss. The fish and other sea food is as fresh as it gets in the monsoons, and trust me, you will relish the spices and the taste more when it is a little cold outside and your clothes are soaking wet because you just ran from the beach to the shack, when it suddenly started to rain. Seriously. It does starts to rain heavily in a matter of a few second in Goa and it is wonderful to get caught in it, ha!